Hello my name is Brenda O'Brine. Thank you for visiting Essex Counselling Practice. This counselling service is here to help you with your personal problems. The practice is located in Colchester, providing therapy within easy reach of Ipswich, Clacton, Witham, Braintree, Chelmsford and Sudbury areas.

In a private and confidential space we can talk through your situation. It could be that you lack confidence, or you are suffering from stress or anxiety. You maybe in an unhappy relationship and not know which way to turn or be coping with depression and bereavement. All these situations can be helped with the counselling therapy I practice called Person Centred Counselling.

You may not feel positive about yourself at the moment but you have taken the first positive step to help yourself change your situation.

Searching on the Internet for help means that you are ready to help yourself find answers to your emotional problems. With Person Centred Counselling we will explore your feelings and where they come from. The therapy will help you work with them and grow from them. They are your feelings and, with help, you can deal with them and move on with your life.

If you would like to call me now for appointment please do so in all confidence on 07845927830. You may like to read about how Person Centred Therapy works at Essex Counselling, the first meeting, the therapy sessions, confidentiality and the fees.

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